Beyond Classroom

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  • Computer Engineering

Software Training Programs

The world is heading towards technological innovation and is bringing up many such technologies using which work can be done easily. Going with the same concept, the institute organizes these training programs for the students from 3rd to 6th Semester for all the branches without any fees. Institute invests more than Rs. 3 Lakh every semester for software training.

Expert Lectures

The expert lectures have been frequently organized to enrich the students with the knowledge in their respective subjects and to provide them latest sufficient information related to Techanical field.

Industrial Visits

Along with the regular classes and laboratory, Industrial visits are also conducted in each department each semester. The visits are planned for the students of third and higher semesters. The visits provide an opportunity to get exposure to the present industrial application of technology.

Field Trainings

While the industrial visits provide an over-all view of the present industrial scenario and technological applications, the field trainings are meant to make the student self-reliant and confident in carrying out various projects in association with respective industries. All the expenses during these trainings are born by the college management and no financial burden was put on the students. These visits are free of cost to the students including all the travel and stay expenses. The field training is organized twice, once between 5th and 6th Semester and next between 6th and 7th semester. These trainings are free of cost to the students including all the travel and stay expenses.


Regular workshops are arranged in each branch and in every semester so that the students and faculties of respective department remain abreast with latest trends of their fields. Such workshops provide an exposure and hands on experience of the prevailing cut-edge technologies.